Teer Mustard Oil Bottle, 500ml

Teer Mustard Oil Bottle, 500ml

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ChowkbazarTeer Mustard Oil Bottle, 500ml

  • Product Type: Mustard Oil
  • Brand: Teer
  • Size: 500ml 

    Bring about a healthy change to your lifestyle by incorporating mustard oil into your diet. Traditionally produced by pressing mustard seeds, mustard oil adds an aromatic flavour to your dishes. Mustard oil uses are quite crucial in our daily lives.


    Apart from adding a strong fragrance to all the dishes cooked in it, mustard oil also has impressive digestive properties and neutralises the toxins in food to keep our stomach healthy. It also helps in improving blood circulation in the human body. You can also use the oil to preserve pickles for a long time. You can use mustard oil for hair as well. It provides much-needed nourishment to hair, facilitating hair growth and strengthening the strands. You can find some of the top brands of mustard oil at Chowkbazar.

    From  Radhuni ,Teer and much more, you can get them all here. You can opt for different quantities of this oil such as 500 mL, 1 L, or even 5 L as per your requirements. The oil is available in cans, tetra packs, pouches, and plastic bottles to suit your convenience. So, what are you waiting for? Add mustard oil to your daily diet for improving the health of your family.

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