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Login to your chowkbazar account with your login id and password.

The next step is to find out your desirable products, you find your desired product 2 different ways: By searching icon

Suppose you want to search for Men’s jeans Pant: just type Jeans you will see a list of Jeans Pant list at the top of the mobile menu bar

if you find something interesting just select that particular product from that list, which will redirect to you to that product page :

In the product page, you will find the product pictures, product description, and

-Brand name ( sometime you may not find the exact product brand due to international brand restrictions)

– If the Product is original then you will find the product name with 100% authentic,

-If the product has premium quality as well as is inspired by a name brand then you will find something Thirty Three BUR Exclusive Premium/ Premium T-shirt /Polo Shirt or something like that

-If the Product is pretty much the same similar branded product then there will be 3 scenarios :

If the Product is premium: then we may write it as Premium Quality

If the Product is Good Quality: then we may write it as Premium Quality

If the Product is okay: then we will not write anything just put the brand name on it with some spelling mistakes.

Product Size :

In each of the chowkbazar products, you will find the Size chart: This is the most important part of choosing the right products, please check the right size which is normally mentioned in @each product description.

Product Availability :

You have found the right product, from the size chart you may find the right size for you, not it is the time to check the product availability, product availability may be based on product size or even based on product color: prior to adding to cart or adding to the basket please check the availability of right color and size

Congratulation, you have found the first products at chowkbazar site, now it is the time to add that particular product into your cart /basket by simply clicking the add to cart /basket button. When you do click that button at the right-hand side you will find a mini-cart will popup :

Similar way you may add as many products as you want to your product cart.

Selecting Product From Catagory List :

If you would like to see the whole bunch of product catalogs, then on the left-hand side you will find a menu bar, by clicking the menu bar you may navigate the category sub category, etc.


Say for example you click the Men Apparel >> T-shirt category you will find a T-shirt category page like this :

By clicking a product from the category page you may find the product page like this:

From the Product page, you may check the product size, brand, color description, raw materials, etc. based on your own personal preferance now you can put the product in add to cart/basket.

Save & Share Cart

By default, you cant use direct checkout of your product cart through the payment gateway.So, prior to checkout, you have to save your cart, to use it in the later stage. Please follow the following instruction:

From the right-hand side of the menu bar click >> the bag symbol

From Your newly created cart page: You will find the list of your added product their name, SKU number, unit price in USD$, total unit price value in USD$ as well as the total cart value, in addition to that, you need to consider the shipping cost which is currently a flat rate of USD $ 9.99 for any size of the order.

From the cart page, you may add or delete some products which you might find appropriate to your budget and requirement. If everything goes fine with your choice.

Scroll down the cart page: click save & sharecart

A popup window will appear: Click >>Save & Cart generate link

A link will appear into a new pop up window click >>Send Cart in an Email

Put your E-mail address and the name into that popup window and click >>> Send Cart Email.

An automatic E-mail shall be sent to you including a link to your first cart link.


Keep your email as it is until you have top up your wallet through Paypal /Stripe . We will discuss: when to use this email link at Buy Products through your chowkbazar wallet session.