Table was created by a Chowkbazar user and is fairly accurate. Please note these are just averages. Depends on sizing and quality..

Type of itemWeight to estimate shipping in gms
Chonky sneakers3300
Regular sneakers1500
Hoodie / Sweatshirt – Winter1200
Hoodie / Sweatshirt – Summer700
Heavy T-Shirt500
Average T-Shirt400
Thin T-Shirt300
Vest (e.g. Terry basketball jersey)300
Button-up shirt (e.g. Cloud Store PRL Oxford)350
Purses/Designer bagsVaries

Our overseas logistics partner is DHL EXPRESS; EMS, UPS and some other international courier partners anyone who purchases from Chowkbazar will get a specific delivery method which will be recognized as per DHL/UPS/EMS other International logistics partners rules and regulations.

All the International shipping packages will be managed by DHL EXPRESS;/EMS ,UPS all the terms & conditions will be as per the DHL/UPS shipping guidelines

Customers will be able to track their shipping details as per DHL /EMS,UPS track ID provided.

Reliable shipping method with full tracking. Depending on the shipping destination, there are size, weight and length limit will vary as per country.

On purchase of any product customer will be able to see on cart the rates of the shipping cost according to their information provided.

Currently, we are providing  falat rate USD $9.99 shipping all around the world for a single order worth of 

The shipping charge is applied to the total of your order at the checkout page. We process one shipping address per order. If you would like to ship to different addresses you could consider placing separate orders and making payments for them separately. You can also check to see if our shipping service is available for the address you intend to have your ordered products delivered to.

Standard shipping time for International Order 5-25 days.

What is the volumetric weight?

Volumetric weight is one of the methods to calculate the weight of light bulb in transportation industry. Volumetric weight is to use conversion formula to get the weight of the items.

Method for calculating the volumetric weight:

DHL:length cm * width cm * height cm/5000

DHL Ecommerce line:American、Germany:length cm * width cm * height cm//8000,others/6000

Postal Air Mail (small):length cm * width cm * height cm/8000


ateral length of the package is greater than 60cm,length cm * width cm * height cm/6000

Postal Registered AirMail:

Generally speaking, volume weight is not calculated, if the items are too large, logistics are also likely to calculate volumetric weight based on the actual situation.

Postal Sea line:length cm * width cm * height cm/6000

Notes: International shipment calculates shipment cost based on weight and volume. If you choose shipment methods that calculate cost by volume, the shipment fee will be calculated according to the volumetric weight when it exceeds the actual weight. We will inform you of additional payment needed if the volumetric weight of the packed parcel exceeds the estimated weight by more than 3 added weight units (3 included). If the actual volumetric weight exceeds the estimated weight by no more than 3 added weight units, Chiowkbazar will pay for the extra shipment cost

When the parcel’s estimated weight comparing with actual weight is beyond the forwarding heavy, the system will automatically refund to your account balance within 1-3 working days after the delivery of the package.

It’s the first time for Chowkbazar to launch this feature, the balance of the difference will return in time. It’s the real benefits to you and cost no extra money.

What is the estimated weight?

The estimated weight is the total weight according to which we calculate the shipment fee when you submit your order. When your product enters our warehouse, we will weigh it with its original packing. The weight of the entry record together with the weight of the carton we are going to pack your product with add up to the estimated weight. However, if you choose to remove the original packing when you submit your shipment order, the actual weight of your parcel will differ from the estimated one.

What is the real weight?

We will weigh the parcel after you submit the delivery order and carry out second weighting on the encapsulation of your items weight and packaging weight, which is the real weight. You can click on the details of the package to check the real weight after sending the parcel within 3 working days.

If the real weight is lighter than estimated weight, the balance of the package will be returned to your personal cash account after sending the parcel within 3 working days.

1. Risk Related

For shopping agent and parcel forwarding products, the system will notify the potential risks when the order is submitted and verified. After the product is shipped to our warehouse, we will suggest a shipping method with low risk based on the nature of the product and our experience.

Friendly Reminder: Some products are inevitably subject to certain customs risks such as rejection, taxation, and confiscation. Please understand you will be responsible for such risks.


2. Customs Declaration

For shopping agent and parcel forwarding products, we will declare the value in a reasonable way based on the customs tax threshold of the destination country and our logistics experience. You can also leave a note and declare the value by yourself when submitting the parcel.

Friendly Reminder: The chance of a parcel being taxed is influenced by the frequency of customs exams and customs policy. Please refer to Tax Threshold of Different Countries. Please understand that you will be responsible for customs related risks (return, confiscation, taxation).

Also, the chance of your parcel being inspected by the customs will increase if your product is too heavy or valuable. We suggest that you do not put too many same products in one parcel and keep your parcel at a reasonable weight.