This list is a list of goods and services that are prohibited from Chowkbazar, compiled in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

Chowkbazar has the right to add, delete, and modify the list information in accordance with legal provisions, regulatory requirements, and the platform’s own regulations, but does not guarantee the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the list.

(1) Drugs, precursor chemicals and drug tools

1. Various potent poisons;

2. Opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana and other addictive narcotics and psychotropic drugs;

(2) Explosives, dangerous goods, chemicals

1. Explosives: all kinds of gunpowder, explosives and their products, detonators, fuse and other ignition and detonation equipment listed in the “Civilian Explosives List”;

2. Pesticides: pesticides specified in the “Management List of Import and Export Pesticides ;

3. Asbestos

4. 1,2-Dibromoethane, dibromochloropropane, aldrin, heptachlor, toxaphene, polychlorinated biphenyls, polybrominated biphenyls, diazol and its salts and esters; dinitrophenol, dieldrin , Endrin, Sodium Fluoroacetate, 2,4,5-Chlorine and its salts and esters, Tris(2,3-dibromopropyl)phosphate, Benzidine (4,4′-diaminobiphenyl) , Fluoroacetamide (dipyriamine), dimethamidine, dioxins, furan, carbon tetrachloride (for cleaning agents), 1, 1, 1-trichloroethane (methyl chloroform) (for Cleaning agent), trichlorotrifluoroethane (CFC-113) (used for cleaning agent);

5. Silica sand, quartz sand and other natural sand;

6. Animals, plants and their products with dangerous bacteria, pests and other harmful organisms;

7. Foods, medicines or other items that hinder the health of humans and animals, come from epidemic areas, and can spread diseases.

(3) Guns, ammunition and accessories

Various weapons, simulated weapons, ammunition and explosives;

Valuable medicinal materials the medicinal materials and patent medicines that have been expressly prohibited from exiting the country are: musk, toad venom, tiger bone, rhino horn, bezoar, etc. (not including the patent medicines with trace musk and toad venom, such as musk yang yang ointment, Liushen pills, etc., but include Medicines containing rhino horn and tiger bone ingredients);

(4) Medical equipment

1. Syringes (whether equipped with needles or not), tubular metal needles, suture needles, other needles (catheters, cannulas) and similar products;

2. ECG recorder, B-type ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, color ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, unlisted ultrasonic scanning equipment, MRI equipment, scintillation photography equipment, patient monitors, unlisted electrical diagnostic equipment, ultraviolet and infrared devices;

3. Dental drill (can be assembled on the same base with other dental equipment), dental chair equipped with dental equipment, dental instruments and appliances not listed;

4. Other instruments and appliances for ophthalmology, stethoscopes, blood pressure measuring instruments and appliances, endoscopes, kidney dialysis equipment (artificial kidney), diathermy equipment, blood transfusion equipment, anesthesia equipment, other medical (surgical or veterinary) instruments and Appliances, X-ray tomography equipment, other dental X-ray application equipment, other medical (surgical or veterinary) X-ray application equipment, low-dose X-ray safety inspection equipment, unlisted X-ray application equipment, medical treatment;

(5) Illegal use products

Radio transceiver, communication security machine;

(6) Currency and collectibles

1. National currency;

2. Foreign currency and its securities;

3. Counterfeit currency and counterfeit securities;

4. Precious cultural relics and other cultural relics prohibited from leaving the country, general cultural relics;

5. Gold and silver and other precious metals and their products;

6. Plate, sheet, unforged or powdered platinum;

(7) Animals, plants and hunting tools

1. Endangered and precious animals, plants (including specimens) and their seeds and propagation materials

2. Tiger bone, rhino horn, bezoar, musk, ephedra (including medicinal, spice and other uses), hair vegetable (including cold, frozen, dried or fresh hair vegetable);

3. Endemic and rare species, such as white shellfish, penguin shell and white butterfly shell;

4. Wood: logs treated with paints, colorants, etc., other logs treated by other methods (including coniferous forest trees, red eucalyptus, teak, tropical logs, oak, beech, nanmu, camphor, mahogany, paulownia , Other unlisted non-coniferous logs) (except those treated with paint, colorant, creosote, or other preservatives);

5. Charcoal: cross-section diameter>4cm, length>10crn rod-shaped charcoal, non-circular cross-section rod-shaped charcoal, peat (grass);

6. Forest litter that has not been chemically treated (including rotted leaves, roots, bark, leaves, and roots), chemically treated forest litter (organic ore bodies formed by the dead and rotting accumulation of ground plants in swamp wetlands ;

7. Other animals, plants and products: According to the “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Import and Export Animal and Plant Quarantine”, Live animals (livestock, poultry, wild animals, bees, fish, silkworms, etc.), animal products (raw skins, hair, meat, etc.) Organs, grease, blood, eggs, semen, bones, hooves, horns, etc.), plants (cultivated plants, wild plants and their seeds, seedlings, propagation materials, etc.). Plant products (grain, beans, cotton, oil, hemp, tobacco, seeds, dried fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, raw medicinal materials, logs, feed, etc.) are subject to inspection and quarantine;

(8) Endangering national security and insulting information

1. Printed matter, film, photos, records, movies, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items that are harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture, and morals;

2. Manuscripts, printed matter, film, photos, records, films, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items that involve state secrets;

(9) Gambling/Game Tools

Television electronic game machines, coin-operated electronic game machines, other coin-operated game supplies, and other electronic game machines;

(10) Other articles prohibited from export by the customs.

(11) Counterfeit goods and pirated goods. Counterfeit goods include those that counterfeit registered trademarks or others’ factory names and address.

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The shipping suggestions are based on our experience in standard transportation and we are not responsible for any parcels that are confiscated by the customs. Due to the customs restrictions, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and restricted products will not be accepted for shipping. Following the air transportation rules, non-dangerous goods identification is needed for food, liquid, powder, and gel products. We suggest that you do not ship these types of products in quantity. If there is a small number of sensitive products, you can ship them with normal products like clothes and shoes. For example, if there are bottled cosmetic products in your parcel, we can try to ship the parcel for you when the volume of a single bottled cosmetic product is equal to or below 100ml and the total volume for the parcel is no more than 200ml.

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