TopUp your account /wallet:

This is the most vital part while ordering at site.

Click my account icon from the menu bar ( in the case of mobile users it is on the lower right side of your mobile phone, for desktop users it is on the top right side of the main menu bar).


From my account menu go to make a deposit, and put the approximate/exact amount of money to fulfill your order including shipping cost which is currently a flat rate of USD $ 9.99 for any size of the order.


When you do put the amount of money as well as click the add button, it will redirect you to the checkout page,


On the checkout page if you already put your billing as well as the shipping address, then you need not put these shipping and billing information on the checkout page, otherwise, you have to put these shipping and billing information ( if the billing and shipping information is  not the same ) on the checkout page, in addition, that if you would like to use :

PayPal : its supports 4 kinds of International Credit Cards (VISA, Master, American Express, and JCB Card) and some banks of nations.

Whatever currency or account you use, it will be converted into US dollars when paying with PayPal. It will redirect you to the PayPal login page, put your login information, and log in to your PayPal account. 


Choose top up by paypal account balance or credit card/debit card;

This has to be noted that: if you have put some International Branded products @ your   cart  then: while making a deposit ( top-up ) on your account with Paypal, please put a Bangladeshi /UK address @ shipping address at chowkbazar’s checkout page, at the same time put the same Bangladeshi /UK address at your PayPal accounts shipping address, otherwise it will be difficult for us to execute the top-up process. If no international branded products arent on your list then do not bother about using a Bangladesh/UK address, rather use your actual shipping and billing address. Again please keep in mind we may not execute your topup process if both the shipping addresses do not match (i.e the shipping address that you have put on chowkbazar ‘s checkout page as well as PayPal account)

When everything goes fine, you will get an automatic email both from  PayPal as well as from site accepting the payment for Top up your wallet.

Whatever currency or account you use, it will be converted into the US dollar when topping up via PayPal and normally transaction is done immediately

TopUp Update:

When chowkbazar payment team receives your payment either PayPal, stripe, wise, etc. we will manually check the autogenerated invoice both from us as well as from PayPal, stripe, wise, etc.

To make sure whether the shipping address for both the invoice has matched or not, if matched then we will put your invoiced amount into your wallet with 1-60 mins.

At the same time, you will receive an update email  on your email : Topup amount amount deposited to your chowkbazar’s wallet.

After receiving the corrected matched address and invoiced amount we will put your transferred amount into your chowkbazar’s account wallet as the same time we will re-transfer your amount earlier transferred amount to your PayPal account immediately.

If our team find out both the shipping address are not matched, then we might send you an email to put the same amount of money through PayPal, and must re-correct the same shipping address both at chowkbazar’s checkout page and the PayPal’s account shipping address page.

Confirm receipt of your service at your Paypal Account

When you have received updated information about the Top Up @ your chowkbazar account, then you can immediately use your funds to purchase your desired products.

At this stage, chowkbazar authority doesn’t have the right to accept payment from Paypal until or unless you made a confirmation to Paypal.


Hers’s the way you can confirm Paypal that you’ve received the Top-up service from Chowkbazar ,by using the following steps :

  1. Login to your Paypal account
  2. Click Activity at the top of the page.
  3. Find and click the original payment for the item.
  4. Click Confirm receipt.
  5. Click Yes to confirm that you received the order