I.Disclaimer for Third-Party Shopping Agents at Chowkbazar

All shopping agent orders placed at Chowkbazar will be processed by highly-rated third-party shopping agents, who are trained and supervised by us to help you purchase from Bangladesh in line with our service standards and your business needs!

Together with them, Chowkbazar is committed to offering ingenious services to all our users around the world!

All products displayed on the web pages of the shopping agent service and product search results at Chowkbazar are from third-party shopping platforms, which are not sold by us.

Therefore, Chowkbazar and the third-party shopping agents shall not be liable for any obligations or liabilities related to such products (including but not limited to copyright or intellectual property rights infringement), nor bear any legal liability or joint liability therefrom.

II. Offered Purchasing Service Standard for Chowkbazar Third-party Shopping Agents

Role 1. Purchase related tasks 

Purchasing Service :

We will purchase your products from the Bangladeshi online shopping platform, which mainly sells only in Bangladesh with a much cheaper price compared to the International price and mainly work with Cash on delivery (COD) basis, chowkbazar will to make any changes to purchase such items on behalf of such thrid party. 

Verification of Shipping Restrictions

The shopping agent shall review the order in accordance with the latest customs policy and the shipping risks of the corresponding items and the shipping routes to the destination country according to the monthly updated “Characteristics of Each Route and Classification of Shipping Restrictions” and “Shipping Restrictions Inquiry” of the Logistics Department, and confirm the risks to the Chowkbazar user.

Order Processing Time  

Orders submitted at 09:00-18:00 (Bangladesh Standard Time) shall be processed within 6 hours;
Orders submitted at 18:00-09:00 (Bangladesh Standard Time) shall be processed before 14:00 the next day;

The shopping agent shall fulfill the order within 24 hours after the user has confirmed or made payment replenishment for the order.

Note: if confirmation with the seller is needed when the user has a special requirement, and the seller has not been online, the processing time will be extended accordingly.

With some extra Payment  we shell arrange Speedy Response: 
● Speedy Response order paid between 09:00-18:00 (BT) will be responded to within 1 hour.
● Speedy Response order paid between 18:00-09:00 (BT) will be responded to by 10:00 that day.

The shopping agent shall fulfill the order within 24 hours after the user has confirmed or made payment replenishment for the order.

Payment Make-up

If the item price or freight is not consistent with that submitted by the user, the shopping agent should set payment make-up according to the actual value of the item when processing the order.

With some extra Payment  we shell arrange Order First Pay Difference Later: 

If the difference in the order total is within  USD $ 15 and there is no need to remind the users of the customs-related risks, the shopping agent will give priority to purchase for the customer. Users need to make up the payment within 24 hours, and the shopping agent will inform the seller of delivery after receiving the payment

Order Cancellation

When the user applies for canceling the order in “Processing” status, the shopping agent shall proceed with order cancellation within 24 hours and refund the actual amount to the user.

When the user applies to cancel the order in “Purchased” status, the shopping agent shall check with the seller within 48 hours, and accept or proceed with the return request according to the actual situation.

Expert Service

The shopping expert shall respond to the expert inquiry within 24 hours during working days, and in case of a weekend, the inquiry shall be processed at 9:00 next week.

With some extra Payment, we shell arrange Expert
>Search high-quality products/recommended suppliers
> Expert’s priority purchase
>Provide product customization
>Complete service follow up

Role 2. Delivery related tasks 

In Land Follow-up on Delivery By Seller:

Generally, Bangladeshi domestic online sellers will send out the delivery within 3~7 days; Redex, eCourier self-running logistics will deliver items on the next day of purchasing.
The actual duration depends on the seller
For orders not shipped within 3 days, the shopping agent shall

-follow up for the first time within 5 days, and

-follow up later every 3-4 days.

If the seller does not deliver the item or fails to reply all the time, the shopping agent shall instruct the user to cancel the order.

Note: except for pre-sale / deposit-paid / overseas shopping agent orders

Expedited Delivery By User

When the user clicks the order for expedited delivery, the shopping agent shall verify the delivery time and notify the user within 24 hours; if the seller fails to reply, it shall be synchronized to the user according to the actual situation

Item Out of Stock

The seller informs the shopping agent of the item out of stock, who will then synchronize the info to the user. If the user fails to reply within 72 hours, the shopping agent will take the initiative to cancel the order for the user.

Follow-up on Separate Orders

For separate orders, the shopping agent shall first follow up the delivery within 48 hours, and verify the seller and inform the user of the delivery information.

Follow-up on Delivered Order

Chowkbazar’s warehouse is located in the Capital city of Dhaka. The local sellers in Dhaka usually need 1-2 working days to deliver the items; in other areas, it usually takes 3-5 working days.

The shopping agent shall follow up on whether the logistics track is normal within 48 hours after the order has been delivered for more than 3 days without signing in.

If the logistics is abnormal, the shopping agent shall contact the seller to verify the order and synchronize the information to the user.

Return / Exchange for Delierving Order

For orders in “Delierving” status, when the user applies for return and exchange, the shopping agent shall check with the seller within 48 hours, and accept or proceed with the return and exchange request according to the actual situation.

Role 3. After-Sales  related tasks 

Order Enquiry

The shopping agent shall respond and reply to the order enquiry initiated by the user within 24 hours

Reply to Inbox Messages/E-mail

The shopping agent shall respond and reply to the inbox messages/E-mail  from the user within 24 hours

Processing Time of Refund

For the order in a refund, the shopping agent will refund to the user within 4-10 days; in case of special circumstances, the shopping agent will verify the situation and synchronize the information to the user.

Processing Time of Return

The shopping agent shall negotiate with the seller to confirm whether the return can be handled according to the user’s return application and the rule of Return Guarantee within 48 hours.

After the seller confirms, the shopping agent shall fill in the return information, return the parcel to the seller according to the return process and fill in the logistics for a returned item on  time.

The shopping agent shall in special cases, the shopping agent needs to synchronize the abnormal information to the user through inbox messages/email.

Processing Time of Exchange

The shopping agent shall negotiate with the seller within 48 hours to confirm whether the item can be exchanged according to the exchange request of the user.

For orders of exchange, the seller shall be contacted within 5 days after the exchange status shows up to obtain the logistics info for the exchanged item and update the order status.

If the logistics info for exchanged item is not obtained in time, the user shall be informed of the follow-up details within 7 days.

For the order of exchange, the seller shall be contacted in time to extend the transaction time. Within 3 days from the completion of the transaction, the shopping agent shall contact the seller to extend the transaction time until the receipt date of the exchanged item (if the seller fails to provide the logistics info for the exchanged item within 15 days in case of any abnormality, the shopping agent will inform the user again.

For example, the time for exchange is too long, the item is out of stock, the seller fails to reply, etc.).

Return/Exchange Guarantee:

Within 5 days after the stock-in of the ordered item, the user can entrust the shopping agent to negotiate with the seller if he applies for a Return/Exchange Guarantee.

The shopping agent shall accept or proceed with the return/exchange request within 48 hours according to the actual situation.

Currently, Chowkbazar will be offering a designated number of free negotiation service attempts for unconditional return/exchange of products. Once the attempts are used up, procession fees will be incurred. Please see this website for details: Terms of Promised Returns with no reasons. Chowkbazar is not responsible for the final negotiation results.

Return/Exchange service fee:

All users (excluding Prime members) are exempt from the Service Fee for the first return /exchange operation in each calendar month.

Service fee:

Return: USD$ 1

Exchange: USD$ 1.5

Quality Inspection

If the item has some quality issues through quality inspection or the user points out the defect of the item, the shopping agent shall check with the seller and assist the user in negotiating with the seller.
Please see this website for details: Usual Way of Handling Defective Products/Products with Quality Issues

After-sale Service for International Parcels

When the user applies for after-sale service of the parcel related to the problem of the item, if he/she needs the shopping agent to contact the seller, the shopping agent will verify with the seller free of charge and send the verification information to the customer service.


Note: the processing time for expert services and its after-sale inquiries will be limited to working days, and in case of non-working days or Bangladesh’s public holidays, it shall be postponed to working days for orderly processing.

In case of special situations such as outdoor activities for staff, Spring Festival, and Eid Event, the processing time of all relevant services for orders will be postponed to working days, and the shopping agent will process all your request in order as soon as possible.


  1. What kind of products will the third-party shopping agents provide services for?

The third-party shopping agents will provide services related to purchasing, domestic after-sales, etc. for shopping agent orders placed at Chowkbazar.

  1. Are there any service standards for the third-party shopping agents? If so, what should I do if they do not follow these standards?

All third-party shopping agents shall work in line with Service Standards for Third-Party Shopping Agents at Chowkbazar. If any of them violate such standards, please contact our customer service.

  1. Shall I pay a service fee to the shopping agents?

No service fee will be charged for general shopping agent services, but for expert services and shopping agent services related to third-party platforms, relevant fees will be charged according to the pricing system of Chowkbazar.

  1. What should I do if I want to launch complaints about the shopping agents through after-sales inquiries?

For after-sales disputes or complaints about the services provided by the third-party shopping agents, please contact our customer service.

1. Service Description

Chowkbazar provides the shopping agent order for selected platforms but Chowkbazar is not responsible for the risks associated with the products from third-party platforms.

Chowkbazar will only provide you with the shopping agent service for selected third-party platforms and Chowkbazar is not responsible for the possible risks and legal consequences like quality issues and copyright infringement.

To protect your benefits, Chowkbazar will inspect the product multiple times, communicate with you, and provide after-sales assistance during the procedure.

If you need to purchase a product from a third-party platform that cannot be verified, there might be problems like an extra service fee, unable to purchase, and shipping risks. For details, please refer to the feedback of our agents.

2. Shopping Procedure 

The shopping procedure is separated into two steps and you need to make two payments. We suggest that you estimate the international shipping fee before placing the order.

Step 1:

We will purchase the product for you after you pay for the product and the domestic shipping cost incurred in Bangladesh.

The purchased product will be shipped to the Chowkbazar warehouse and the shopping Agent preservation period of parcels is 90 days.

You can purchase multiple products and consolidate them into one parcel to save money.

Step 2:

Consolidate the products that are stocked in the warehouse, submit the parcel, pay for the international shipping cost, and the parcel will be shipped to you.

3. Logistics Risks 

The logistics services for the shopping agent products are provided by third-party logistics providers. They are restricted by the customs policy and there might be logistics risks. You need to consider the risks as you will be responsible for them.

As a service platform, Chowkbazar is partnered with numerous third-party logistics providers who ship the products we purchased to you.

Chowkbazar is not responsible for the confiscation, damage, loss, or delay of the products that occurred due to the policy of the customs or the uncontrollable risks associated with the international transportation.

However, Chowkbazar will warn you about the possible risks ahead of time. We will improve our logistics insurance services since we want to help you assess possible risks and minimize possible losses


Standard inspection service for shopping agent orders

• Standard quality inspection rules (non-1688 orders):


We will verify the general information like quantity, style, color, size, model, and find out if the main logo of the front/back of the item is severely flawed if the item is broken or whether the appearance of your item is obviously flawed (such as round-shaped: diameter > 0.5cm, other shapes: length > 1cm; large stains, dyed, scratches, laddering, and external damages.)

Also, filter out all the restricted products during the quality inspection. However, we will not open the products that are sealed or products (clothes, shoes, and bags excluded) with sealing labels. We can only verify those products and check if the products are damaged or not based on their packaging.


Inspection Rules for Action Figures:

1. Action figure in sealed packaging or in packing box with sealing label will not be unpacked for inspection, and we’ll only check whether or not the outer packaging is intact, the packing box is seriously damaged, etc.;
2. Actions figure fixed into foam pad or other materials by default (e.g. big-sized Dragon Ball series) will not be taken out for inspection, and we’ll only inspect it according to the external appearance;
3. Action figure in non-sealed packaging will be unpacked for inspection.

Standard gift-quality inspection:

If the product details on the top of the product page indicate that a gift is offered, Superbuy will check whether the gift is included in the received parcel. If the product details on the top of the product page indicate that no gift is offered, Superbuy will not check whether any gift is offered.

The gift offered by the seller is your property regardless of its value. Chowkbazar will store the products and gifts and ship them to you.

1688 products fall in class A and class B. The following table describes the product classification and inspection rules.


1.We will verify if the products have the defects and the functions that are stated by the seller. (Chowkbazar does not inspect: the size error, the model of the mobile phone case (film), glasses degree, the lining of the clothes, the appearance of the commodity box, and the letter printing quality or missing.)

2. For professional products like electronics, digital products, and related peripherals or accessories, we will not check their authenticity, functions, and quality during the quality inspection.

3. Chowkbazar does not inspect items in sealed parcels and parcels with a sealing label or strip except for parcels for dresses, suitcases, bags, and shoes.

4、For orders without real product information, such as  1 Taka deal, blessing bags, invalid product links, links without real products, multi-purpose auctions, orders for shipping freights, quantity orders, and mosaic product pictures,

Chowkbazar cannot check the information, such as the product type, quantity, color, size, and model.

For these orders, Chowkbazar only inspects whether the product appearance has damage, stain, dyeing, or defects. Product details should be inspected based on the inspection photo.

The description of the standard photo service

1. What is the Standard Photo service?

The Standard Photo service allows customers to understand product information in advance.

2.For shopping agent orders, see the following table.

If you do not check the inspection service before warehousing, but want us to provide inspection service again after warehousing, you can choose the “Secondary Quality Inspection” service, we will carry out a standard quality inspection for your goods in storage.

As of June 2022 . Chowkbazar will not charge any shopping agent service charges until further notice. 

 Once the shopping agent order is accepted (i.e. the order is under “Processing” status), any request for Return & Exchange Guarantee or refund will not be supported.

In case of special cases, please apply through Order Enquiry or our online customer service, and the result shall be subject to verification and feedback from our staff.

If you need value-added services, please view the details of Value-added Services. After the item is successfully ordered, the service fee will not be refunded (Due to some issues temporarily affecting the refund process, please contact the customer service or shopping agent to refund you manually.it will be refunded only if the order is canceled due to insufficient stock or Force Majeure). The services are as follows:

-Purchasing Service Fees: Free 

-Customer Service Fees: Free 

-Storage Service Charge: 90 days without any charge 

-Re-Packing for weight removal / customs purpose : USD $2 /packet  

-Inland Transport Charge: Free 

-Return of Products to original seller: USD $ 1 item

-Exchange of Products to original seller: USD $ 1.5 item

–  International Shipping Charge: Actual,)( currently offer a worldwide flat rate shipping $ 9.99 order)

-Standard 3-Sided Photograph: Free / product

Please read the above fee standards carefully. Chowkbazar reserves the right of final interpretation.


1. If the shopping agent has not purchased the item after accepting the order, how can I cancel the order? Is the service fee refunded?

We suggest that you think carefully before placing an order. After accepting your order, the shopping agent will provide you with services including product information query, risk assessment and confirmation. Theoretically, the Order Cancellation Guarantee is not supported. In special cases, you can apply through Order Enquiry or our online customer service.

2. If the item cannot be exchanged due to insufficient stock, can I just return it and get a refund? Is the service fee refunded too?

If the item is out of stock, you can return the original one and get a refund. Since the shopping agent has provided you with related services, the service fee will not be refunded.

3. If I find some defects or quality problems on the product received, can I request after-sales services?

We suggest that you carefully read the product description, and have a better understanding of the performance and features of the product from the seller in advance.

If the seller fails to fully describe and disclose the defects and maintenance records of the product, you can request after-sales services.

The shopping agent will try his/her best to negotiate with the seller on your behalf, but the results will be subject to the seller and all related risks shall be borne by you.

4. After I contact the seller, he/she accepts my Return & Exchange request. Can you help me get it done?

If the seller accepts your Return & Exchange request, you can contact the shopping agent through Order Enquiry to get it done for you. Since the shopping agent has provided related services, the service fee will not be refunded. In addition, an extra service fee for Return & Exchange will be charged. [Learn more]

5. If the seller claims that 7-Day Return & Exchange Guarantee is supported, or I have reached another agreement with the seller before placing the order, can I request Return & Exchange or refund?

Theoretically, any request for Return & Exchange Guarantee or refund is not supported by us. If the seller has made such a claim or there are other agreements reached, such agreements shall prevail.




1, What products are provided by third parties?

Third-party service providers provide purchase, inspection, warehousing, and logistics for products whose brand authorization and mailing restrictions are difficult to determine.

2, Service Standard

All third-party service providers operate according to the unified standards formulated by Superbuy.

3, Can products from different third-party providers be shipped in one parcel?

Yes. All products in stock can be combined in one parcel before shipping just like usual.

4, Charging Standard

All third-party service providers charge according to Chowkbazar standards.

5, After-sales service and complaints

In case of after-sales issues and complaints concerning service provided by third parties, users can contact Chowkbazar Customer Service for assistance.

Chowkbazar promise for free shopping agent service.

Apart from the item cost and shipping fee, Chowkbazar require no handling fees. (Users can choose to buy value-added services according to their own needs.)

The total cost of Shopping Agent service= Item cost +International shipping fee+ Customs charges

Item costs = Product price+ Domestic shipping fee (from the seller to Chowkbazar warehouse)

International shipping fee: Calculated according to weight, shipping method, and destination, currently you can get a special falt worldwide shipping fee of USD $ 9.99

Customs charges: Customs declaration cost for a parcel is generally USD $ 1.2  (Depending on the shipping method, but it’s not mandatory).

1. If the seller offers free shipping or product discount, you can modify the price or shipping fee yourself when you place the order on Chowkbazar, and tell us about the specific offer under remarks. The shopping agent will confirm the offer with the seller for you and order at a discounted price.

  1. If you forget to modify the price but specify the discount in the remark box, the shopping agent will still buy the item for you according to the detailed discount information you provide. The difference between the discounted price and the original price will be credited back to your Chowkbazar my account.
  1. If you forgot to adjust the product price and forgot to leave the promotion information in the remark when submitting the order, you can go to “My Chowkbazar – Orders” and click “Order Enquiry” to submit a request after the product is stocked in the warehouse. You can describe the promotion information or free shipping offer in the request. The shopping agent will verify the information with the seller and refund you.

一、Order with a Deposit

Shopping Agent Procedure of an Order with a Deposit/Topup:

1. User submits an order with a deposit/Topup.

2. Chowkbazar orders the product from the seller and makes the deposit after receiving the deposit from the user.

3. Chowkbazar informs the user to complete the payment after a certain period (the user can check the order by himself or the shopping agent will inform the user).

4. User submits an order with the remaining payment (with the order number in the note).

5. Chowkbazar pays the seller, when receiving the product as Cash on Delivery 


1、 After you make the deposit, it will take a while for the seller to request the remaining payment. We suggest that you check with the seller or check the order status by yourself. Also, if the seller asks for the payment of the remaining amount, our shopping agents will let you know too.

2、 Please leave the order number in the note when submitting the order for the remaining payment, after the shopping agent who paid the deposit have paid the remaining amount for you, the seller will ship the product.

二、Preorders and International Shopping Agent Orders

Preorders: The seller will only prepare the product after the user pays for the order. It will take some time for the seller to prepare ( like custom-made products) the product and the shipping time may vary.

International Shopping Agent Order: Some seller needs to purchase the product from a different country and the seller will only prepare the product after you pay for the order. It will take some time for the seller to prepare the product and the shipping time may vary.

Shopping Agent – We Buy the Product for You

You can submit a shopping agent order through our website. The shopping agent will purchase the product for you after you pay for the product and the domestic shipping (not needed if the seller offers free shipping).

After the quality inspection, your product will be stocked in the warehouse. You can then submit the parcel and we will ship the parcel to the destination.

Shopping Agent Order Total = Product Cost + International Shipping Fee (calculated using the product weight, the shipping method, the address) + Customs Clearance Fee.

Good for: Users who do not have Taobao or Alipay accounts.


Parcel Forwarding – Parcels Prepared by You or Your Friends

 First, you need to fill in the product information like name and quantity, you can also click “Retrieve the Product Information” to import the product information automatically. After the information is verified, you can ship the product to Superbuy’s warehouse. The last thing you need to do is submit the parcel for international shipping after the warehouse stock-in. If you need the quality inspection service, please select “Quality Inspection” when submitting the order.

Parcel Forwarding Total = International Shipping Fee (calculated using the product weight, the shipping method, the address) + Customs Clearance Fee.

Applicable for:

1. Users who already have the shops through another shopping agent (if any), want to ask the sellers for additional discounts, etc.

2. Products like gifts from friends or relatives, used products, and products that are not purchased online.

Friendly Reminder: After two different types of products are stocked in the warehouse, if the weight limit is not reached and all the logistics requirements for the selected shipping method are met, you can consolidate them into one parcel or ship them separately when submitting them for international shipping.

here are 3 types of quality inspection services:

– Fast Warehouse Stock-in with Original Packaging

– Warehouse Stock-in with Standard Quality Inspection

– No Quality Inspection Needed

  1. No Quality Inspection Needed: We will only check for restricted products in your parcel and the product will be stocked in the warehouse in their original boxes/packaging. We will not verify the product and there will be no quality inspection photo.
  2. Fast Warehouse Stock-in with Original Packaging: We will check for restricted products and check if the packaging is damaged. We will also verify the product based on the information provided on the packaging. There will be no quality inspection photo and we will keep the original packaging of the product. We promise that the product will be stocked in the warehouse within 6 hours after the parcel is signed.
  3. Warehouse Stock-in with Standard Quality Inspection: We will check for restricted products and verify the product appearance information like the style, quantity, color, size, model, damage, and defect. We will provide 3 standard quality inspection photos, repackage the product, and stock the product in the warehouse.


For Shopping Agent Order:

  1. For all sealed products and products with sealing tapes or sealing tags (excluding clothes, bags, and shoes), we will not remove the seals to inspect the products. We will only check if the products are damaged or not and if they are the correct products based on their appearances and information on the packaging.
  2. For shopping agent orders, we will remove the packing slip and provide an invoice by default.
  3. 3The stock-in method will be decided based on the type of the 1688 products.

    1688 products are separated into Type A products and Type B products:

    If the standard quality inspection stock-in method is selected for Type A products, we will conduct a sampling inspection instead of inspecting all the products.

    No quality inspection will be provided for Type B products. You can purchase a sampling inspection service as a value-added service by leaving a note.

    Note: For detailed 1688 product category rules (Type A and Type B), please read the bottom section of:

Payment Pending:

Shopping order generated. Payment pending. You need to pay the order within 72 hours.


This order is paid.

Order Pending:

Order submitted and waiting for the shopping agent to verify.

Order Processing:

System is processing your order. Order has been assigned to the shopping agent; ready to order from the seller.


The product has been purchased by the shopping agent; waiting for delivery to Superbuy.

Shipped (Local) :

Seller has sent out items to Superbuy warehouse.

Received :

The order has arrived at Superbuy; waiting for inspection.

Stock arrived:

Item inspection and weighing have been completed; waiting for warehouse to stock-in the item.

Stored in the warehouse:

Items of the order have been stored in the Chowkbazar warehouse and can be shipped out anytime within the free storage period.

Clear Balance:

Actual purchase cost exceeds the original order payment. User needs to pay for the difference before further purchasing.


Your order may be considered invalid for the following reasons: The price and product name you submitted do not match. The actual item does not have pictures or description. The item is virtual or prohibited.

Order withdrawn:

The order is cancelled due to buyer’s cancellation of order, customs restrictions or other reasons. The refund has been sent to your Superbuy account.


Refund initiated due to buyer’s application to refund or seller out of stock. Waiting for seller’s refund.


Your items have been sent back to the seller upon the seller’s consent. Waiting for seller’s refund.


Return and refund completed. The refund has been sent to the user’s Superbuy account.


Processing exchange for you after consultation with the seller.

Separated to ship:

The order consists of a number of items, and the seller ships them in different parcels. This item is awaiting dispatch from the seller.

Confirmation pending:

The shopping agent needs to confirm information with you.


The storage period for the item expires or you have chosen to abandon the item. The system is notified and will process the item as overdue accordingly (in this case, Superbuy will have the ownership of it)

International delivery fee pending:

Parcel submitted. Waiting for payment.


International shipping fee paid. Waiting for shipment from warehouse.

Shipped (International):

The item has been sent out.


The item has been delivered to you.

Status of the Submitted Parcel Orders


Parcel submitted. You need to finish payment within 10 days.


You have submitted the parcel, please wait for the confirmation.


The parcel you submitted has been verified, it will leave the warehouse soon.

Leaving the Warehouse

Your product(s) is(are) currently being sorted, they will leave the warehouse soon.


Your product(s) has(have) left the warehouse and we will pack them for you.

Packaging Completed

The parcel will be picked up by the courier soon.


The courier has picked up your parcel.

Order Return:

Your parcel is cancelled due to reasons including: Receiver’s information such as name, address, is wrong or not completed; the parcel contains items that are prohibited by the shipping method you have chosen, etc.

Domestic Return:

Your parcel is returned to our warehouse because it did not pass the security check of the Bangladeshi customs.

Overseas return:

Your parcel is returned from abroad because of failure to pass customs inspection or other delivery problems.

Confirmed Receipt:

You have received the parcel.

Verify & Purchase time:

Bangladeshi time 09:00-18:00 submitted order, we will deal with it within 6 hours to complete;

Bangladeshi time 18:00-09:00 submitted order, we will be processed before 2 PM the next day;

Note: except for cannot contact the seller or abnormal orders

The sellers’ delivery time: Generally Bangladeshi domestic   sellers will send out the delivery within 3~7 days (except for part of the customized products and pre-order items)

Self-running logistics will deliver items on the  next day of purchasing (not self-running, franchised merchants send out delivery within 3-5 days)

The actual duration depends on the seller

The Bangladeshi domestic delivery time to Superbuy’s warehouse:

Chowkbazar warehouses are located in Dhaka.

Inspection time:

The parcels that are delivered to Chowkbazar before 17:00 will be inspected and stocked in the warehouse within 24 hours.

The parcels that are delivered to Chowkbazar after 17:00 will be inspected and stocked in the warehouse within 24 hours after 9:00 the next day.

Because Chowkbazar has encountered credit card fraud with virtual items many times, therefore, Chowkbazar has currently suspended this service.

The seller has not yet delivered items:We will negotiate with seller to modify.

The seller has delivered items:We cannot negotiate with seller to modify at this stage. If you adhere to replace, you can request returns service after items have arrived to our warehouse, and then resubmit the order to buy your modified options, but delivery fee caused in returning your previous items would need to be paid by you.


Chowkbazar commits to eliminating any of your worries during international online shopping.

In order to ensure your items can be received smoothly, we will have corresponding processing standards to deal with the items that arrived.The 

E-commerce platforms, in Bangladesh, may have illegal commercial phenomena, please be aware of shopping on it. Following special circumstances will be seen as you have agreed and prepared the subsequent operations. If you have any questions when submitting orders, please contact customer service.

1. Sensitive products

Contained essential oil, care solution, lubricants, batteries, glue and other sensitive items, in order to guarantee your delivery, we will take them out for you.

2.The customs policy

Items containing imitation brands, a large volume of liquid or powders, electrical products, etc. may be restricted by the customs policy, where there are certain risks to sending them. If the consequences are caused by the above risks, Chowkbazar is not responsible for customs clearance and related legal responsibility.

3.Can’t be professionally inspected.

If you buy electric equipment, brand & limitation brand items, tickets, cards, etc., we cannot inspect the items professionally (i.e. quality, authenticity, completeness, etc.). Inspector can only check whether the items’ appearance is in sound condition or accessories complete, but can’t turn on the equipment to check the quality.

4.Fragile items

Contained ceramics & glass products, irregular shape items (wipers, automatic damper, etc.), items during delivery may cause abrasion, broken, please be cautious to purchase.

We guarantee the completeness of the items before delivery, but if such items are damaged during delivery, and logistics have categorized them as fragile, you need to bear the resulting loss caused by the above situation.

5. Customized products

If you submit orders as customized items, we suggest you negotiate with the seller directly so that your requirements would be met.

After the successful negotiations, you need to provide us with the number, information, or signs of Wangwang chatting with the seller. We cannot do the professional inspection for these items, so you need to bear the resulting loss caused by above situation.

6. Deposit order

Due to the regulation of Taobao sellers, a deposit order cannot be canceled once order has been placed, and meanwhile, you have to follow up on the seller’s issued information and clear the outstanding balance. Then after that, the items could be delivered. If the outstanding balance cannot be cleared within the certain time, the deposit will not be returned.

If your orders have the risks mentioned above, we will acknowledge that you have read and accepted the above terms and conditions, please be sure to read them carefully. Interpretation right is reserved by Chowkbazar.


Buying several items from one seller, and if you submit and check out the purchasing order together, on that condition, Chowkbazar will charge your Bangladeshi domestic delivery fee once.

However, if the quantity of your items from one seller is too much and caused the package overweighed, the shopping agent will remind you to clear the delivery balance.

Example of clothes, we will inspect the color, size (depend on your remark or eventually modified version), widespread damaged and other significant issues.

If you find such problems when you receive the parcels, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you the confirmation of negotiated solution.

For some details, like, color difference, thread, etc., Chowkbazar will not be able to provide 100% guarantee to you, hope you can understand.

And electronics belong to the special items category, Superbuy inspectors can only check whether the items are intact appearance and fittings are completed, but cannot check on quality problems through booting.