Click my account icon from the menu bar ( in the case of mobile users it is on the lower right side of your mobile phone, for desktop users it is on the top right side of the main menu bar)


From my account menu go to make a deposit, and put the exact amount of money that you  would like to TopUp in USD


When you do put the amount of money  (in USD) as well as click the add button, it will redirect you to the checkout page


On the checkout page, you will see Checkout with Stripe. Check this option, then put your 16 digits Credit Card number ( currently stripe accepts Master, Visa, CB, JBC, Diner a, and many other credit cards), stripe will automatically detect your Card type. Then put the Card Validity which is normally a month 2 dights and the year’s last 2 digits. Then put your CVC numbers, which you will find on your credit card’s backside. 

-Check the T&C & privacy policy

-If you would like to save your card information to your account for further use then you may check this option.  

-To avoid any fraudulent activities stripe may ask you to put your Credit card’s issuance Bank’s billing address, please type your actual billing address. 

Now Click: Place an order. That’s it you will be redirected to the order confirmation page, where you will find Topup details as well as we may send you an auto-generated email for confirming your Payment and order’s invoice. 




1. Please make sure the chart is filled correctly or the TopUp may be delayed.

2.  Your billing address with stripe must be inlined/matched  with a  Chowkbazar’s billing address 

if you are in hurry, you may contact customer support to urge the top-up once the chart is completed.

WhatsApp : +8801715539409

The online service time is 9: 00 – 18: 00 (UTC+6).