If you already Topup your chowkbazar account through PayPal or any other convenient payment method, then after admin approval you will can see the balance at your wallet like this : 


Now ,If you would like to purchase any products from chowkbazar by using your wallet funds :

Simply add to cart the product that you would like purchase,

Now at the left hand side of your phone or desktop a mini  cart page  will appear  :


or If you already save any cart ( please check your e-mail inbox and click the cart link from your email body text) ,

if everything feels ok , then click the checkout page: and  fill all the necessary information on your billing address,

by default, we use billing and shipping address  in the same,

however, if you have a different shipping address, check the different shipping address, and put your shipping address including your mobile phone number.

Please keep in mind, that if add any international branded products to your cart, then please use a different shipping address ( what you have mentioned on your  PayPal shipping address), to execute your order smoothly.


Please ,keep in mind until you write down your complete full address , the shipping rate or method will not appear, so write down the complete address.  


If you completing the address(s),scroll down you screen /mouse you can see the pay through wallet option: 


-Check the chowkbazar Wallet icon

-Check I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions -Click Place Order

Within few second you will receive an email like this :


All done , you have done all of your parts, now it is our responsibility to pick, pack, transport  and safely ship your ordered products to your doorsteps.